IU Reminds Fans To Stay Strong And Love One Another At Her Final Tour Concert

“We must love each other even more at times like this.”

On November 24, 2019, at her last leg of the 2019 Love, Poem tour concert in Korea, IU left a heartwarming message behind as she wrapped up the final stage — and her words are touching K-Pop fans, especially after the tragic news of Goo Hara’s passing.


IU’s fans, who attended this final Seoul concert, shared that for her encore performance, IU chose to sing “Dear Name”.

I had no idea I’d come to sing this song in a situation like this. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sing this well, but since it’s an encore… If I end up failing to sing the song, please sing it with me.

— IU


IU also added that the message in the lyrics of this particular song actually conveys how she feels at the moment…

I also did not expect to be singing this song in this mindset… I believe the song, the essence of this song when I wrote the words, actually works in this kind of situation. I worry for you guys. Hmm… I hope you guys stay strong.

— IU

… then, when she heard a fan shout “I love you unnie”, she reached out to everyone in the audience with words of consolation and positivity.

I love you too. (Sigh). Guys, we must love each other even more at times like this. Like… Seriously… Sometimes the world can be such a cruel place and we don’t want anything to do with it… But we need to live on, loving each other harder.

— IU


With that said, IU’s fans were deeply moved by the lyrics to the song “Dear Name”.

I know of the disappearing wish you made through the endlessly long and pitch black night. I will wait long, I will find you no matter what. It may look so far that it’s almost invisible, but let’s go. Let’s go to the place where this darkness ends.

— From IU’s “Dear Name”


Watch IU’s encore performance here:

Source: Facebook