IU Breaks Fans Hearts By Enduring The Physical Pain Caused By Her Unhealthy Work Diet

She put her health on the back burner…

IU just uploaded a new vlog on her official YouTube channel where she was on the set of a live clip for “Above the Time”.

What particularly stood out was the fact that she was filling her tummy with cookies to recharge in the midst of her busy schedule.

But she soon expressed her physical tummy pain as she confessed that she’s not supposed to eat flour-based food.

Ouch. I’m not supposed to eat flour-based food.

— IU

IU shared that she now suffers from gastritis, but she has no choice but to endure the pain when she’s busy.

My tummy hurts. But I can’t help it during filming. As soon as I eat it, I get a tummy ache and indigestion.

— IU

Her health requires that she eats proper meals that aren’t flour-based, but IU puts her wellbeing on the back burner when she’s working.

I ate it because I still have to work.

— IU

And it has fans worried.

  • If you have gastritis, you need to take care of your health first.
  • Please eat properly!
  • She’s eating cookies for a meal…

What pained fans even further was IU’s efforts to joke around with staff regardless of the pain she was suffering.

Check out the full vlog below:

Source: Insight


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