IU Gave Special Luxury Gifts To TWICE, Her “Favorite Hoobaes”

“IU is so generous.”

It’s only been a few weeks since everyone was dazzled by the adorable interactions between TWICE and IU at the solo singer’s weekend concert in Seoul, but now everyone’s feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after learning about IU’s impressive gifts to her favorite hoobaes!


When it was first announced that TWICE had personally been invited to IU’s Seoul concert, ONCEs couldn’t have been happier especially since they know what huge fans the members are of IU.


And nobody was disappointed when the concert actually happened.

IU And TWICE’s Interactions From IU’s Seoul Concert Are Melting Everyone’s Heart


With so many cute moments, how could they be?


But fans have just found out that IU isn’t just a mutual fan of TWICE, she also gave them a huge present for coming to her concert.


During a recent livestream, Nayeon introduced a few silver rings that she just couldn’t bring herself to take off because they were gifts from IU!

“IU sunbaenim gave me two rings and I haven’t taken them off.”

— Nayeon


And after doing a little digging, ONCEs discovered not only did IU give Nayeon pretty rings but they were Gucci rings worth about $670!


The rings, however, were not the only gifts that Nayeon received. While the other members were gifted the latest iPhones, she was given a pair of Chanel sneakers since she already had the phone.


Of course, Nayeon loves her other present from IU and has even shown them off!

“Those presents became my favorite items. I even wore the shoes on my way to Music Bank.”

— Nayeon


Fans have been thanking IU for her generous gifts while also being incredibly happy for TWICE for receiving even more love from their beloved sunbae.

Source: Dispatch