IU Portrays 3 Different American TV Shows For Vogue Korea

Check her out as Carrie Bradshaw!

IU has been the spokesperson for Waave, an OTT streaming platform in South Korea. The platform recently took over HBO shows for airing in South Korea and decided to host a photoshoot with Vogue Korea to celebrate.

IU was made up to look like 3 iconic HBO Shows.

1. “Game of Thrones”

IU looks fierce as she wields a fencing sword.

The pillar is reminiscent of the highly lauded drama.

2. “Sex and the City”

Oh to be Carrie Bradshaw!

Let’s not forget the fabulous fashion and shoes.

3. “Westworld”

IU brought out her Southern charm with the help of a horse.

She posed delightfully in a field.

She looks gorgeous.

It seems that with this acquisition, HBO Max will not be entering the South Korean market on its own. Hopefully we get to see IU in a Waave original soon.

Source: Pann


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