IU And Celebrity Bestie Yoo In Na Spotted At IU’s Manager’s Wedding As The Ultimate Duo

Nothing can get in the way of their loyalty.

IU was recently spotted singing “Blueming” at a wedding, and it turns out that it was the wedding of IU’s manager, Jung Hanteo.


The video naturally took over the internet since it was IU singing.

What more do you need?

But what gained even more attention was the fact that IU’s celebrity bestie and actress, Yoo In Na was right beside her as the host.

Not only did IU show her loyalty towards her manager by singing at his wedding, but Yoo In Na was right there was her partner in crime as they led the ceremony together.

Throughout her performance, IU provided some fan service by hyping up the crowd and asking the audience to sing along.

In addition to her modest black attire, IU gave it her all during the performance and ultimately melted the ears of everyone present.

IU may be a busy woman, but she never hesitates to make time for those she cares about.

Check out the full performance below:

Source: Dispatch