Netizens Think IVE Ahn Yujin’s Images Completely Changes In One Specific Way Without Her Bangs

This is why female fans can’t help but fall for her!

IVE‘s Ahn Yujin is undeniably gorgeous. Her visuals only get more mature and stunning with time! However, the choice of her best hairstyle leaves netizens completely polarized.

With bangs, Yujin shows off her cute and girly side.

Many fans refer to her as a puppy with the adorable look!

However, the moment she pushes her bangs aside, she shows a stronger appearance.

According to netizens, she instantly becomes an “unnie” with the fierce style.

Known for her ability to attract female fans, many have even referred to her visuals like this as “handsome.”

Even her bare face without bangs is gorgeous!

Since she suits both so well, it’s hard to pick a favorite look. It all depends on your taste: Are you team girly Yujin…

…or fierce Yujin?

Source: theqoo