IVE’s An Yujin Attends A Soccer Game To Root For Her Home Team— And Stuns The Crowd With Her Visuals

She is Daejeon’s daughter and pride!

IVE‘s An Yujin made an appearance at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium to root for her hometown’s team, and fans were ecstatic.

On July 12, An Yujin attended the soccer match between Daejeon Hana Citizen and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors to kick the first goal for the 2023 K League 1.

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Dressed in a Daejeon Hana Citizen uniform, An Yujin greeted the audience with her trademark bright smile. Applause and cheers erupted from the stands, and the commentators also excitedly welcomed her and introduced her as “the daughter of Daejeon” and a “soccer goddess with a bright and pure image.”

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After kicking in a goal, she laughed and cheered.

An Yujin was born in Daejeon and spent her elementary and middle school years there. With the nickname “Daejeon’s daughter” and “Daejeon’s pride,” soccer fans at the match and netizens praised her bubbly personality and smile that made the whole stadium happy. Her stunning visuals also captured everyone’s eyes and hearts.

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Pictures of her at the match circulated on online communities, and netizens were stunned at her beauty and amazing proportions.

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  • “An Yujin’s proportions are insane”
  • “She’s so freakin’ pretty”
  • “Little Bean Yujin’s proportions are incredible”
  • “An Yujin is so f*cking pretty”
  • “Is her face size real… Her proportions are crazy”
  • “Ooh, if An Yujin is there, I’m there lol”
  • “She looks exactly like she does on TV. She’s so pretty”

Hana Financial Group recently announced that An Yujin is their new model, and the singer herself announced that she will attend the soccer match in a video.

Watch “Daejeon’s daughter” kick a goal from another angle!

Source: Wikitree, fmkorea and fmkorea