“Blond Wonyoung?” — IVE’s Near Barefaced Teasers For “Either Way” Gain Attention

A whole new look!

IVE is set to make a comeback on October 13, 2023. They released the teasers for “Either Way” on September 23, 2023. Taking a whole new approach, rather than their usual glitz and glamour, the girls ran with near barefaced looks.

Leeseo looked stunning with her huge eyes and pure gaze.

“Either Way” teaser. | Starship Entertainment

Liz‘s hair seems to be a darker shade than her previous yellow blond.

“Either Way” teaser. | Starship Entertainment

Wonyoung shocked fans with bleached hair. Although it is black and white, one can easily tell that her hair is at least near blond. Could it be a wig?

“Either Way” teaser. | Starship Entertainment

Rei‘s round face emphasized her cute and youthful charms.

“Either Way” teaser. | Starship Entertainment

Gaeul looked simple and chic with no eye-liner.

“Either Way” teaser. | Starship Entertainment

Yujin‘s shaggy wolf-cut has been the talk of town for quite a while.

Netizens were full of questions about the mysterious transformations. With each teaser being only 13 seconds long, it’s hard to gauge what kind of concept “Either Way” will be.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Bleached hair for Wonyoung? It must be a wig, right? But it’s so surprising.
  • I want to kidnap Yujin to the drama and movie actors category.
  • Why are our babies crying?
  • Gaeul came out looking f*cking like an actress. Her aura is insane.
  • Gasp, Wonyoungie. Wonyoung-ah, is it for real?
  • Wonyoung-ah.
  • The song sounds like a banger again.
  • Wow, why is Liz so pretty?
  • What’s up with Wonyoung’s hair? Wow, so pretty.
  • I like Wonyoung’s acting when it comes to setting the mood. She really looks like she’s hurt.

We can’t wait for the comeback to drop! October 13, 2023, mark your calendars!

Source: theqoo