IVE Had Wildly Different Answers To One Question, And Their Unique Personalities Were Never More Obvious

Rei’s answer will catch you by surprise!

Having made their debut on December 1, 2021, Starship Entertainment girl group IVE has officially turned one year old! They made the most out of the past 12 months, winning multiple awards and even visiting foreign countries.

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But that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten what their beginning was like. They talked all about it in a special video where they were asked, “What were the thoughts you had on the night before your debut?

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Even if they were asked the same question, their answers couldn’t have been more different. Liz, for example, revealed that her main feeling that night was nervousness—and it was extreme. She couldn’t sleep, and she was still shaking moments before their showcase performance.

The night before the debut…? I think I wasn’t able to sleep at all on the night before the debut. I was really excited but also nervous. Super nervous, so I couldn’t really sleep. I had the jitters up until a minute before the actual debut showcase.

— Liz

But when compared to Wonyoung, their experiences were like night and day! Rather than being nervous, she was excited that the day had finally arrived, and she was ecstatic to be a member of IVE. Her lack of nerves may have been due to it being her second debut after IZ*ONE.

What kind of thoughts did I have… I’m always more excited than nervous. So on the night before debut, I was just really excited and thrilled to be in IVE.

— Wonyoung

Finally, Rei‘s answer was adorably unique. Instead of thinking about how nervous or excited she was, she pondered on what her meal the next day should be. It shows how chill and confident in herself she is!

In all honesty? What should I eat tomorrow? I was thinking about what I should eat at the showcase venue. I think that day I packed some food brought it there. A sweet potato, an apple and the protein juice I like. I was thinking, I should take them there and eat them tomorrow.

— Rei

In the same interview, IVE named their favorite memory of the year, and they chose one particular country. Find out what it is and why they loved it in the article below.

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