IVE’s Gaeul Debuts New Blond Hair And Everyone Can’t Get Enough Of Her Visuals

My god, we love it.

IVE‘s oldest unnie, Gaeul, has always rocked brown hair. Through the group’s debut and first comeback, she has always sported dark hair that made her youthful features stand out. Although she chopped her hair into a bob for “LOVE DIVE,” the biggest change was yet to come.

Gaeul debuted freshly bleached blond hair during the 2022 Dream Concert on June 18, 2022. Although all the members had new hairstyles, Gaeul underwent the most significant change.

She looked trés rocker chic with the blunt bob and white blond hair. Paried with chunky chains and leather shorts, she was stunning.

Although she looked edgy on the red carpet, she changed into a flouncy skirt for the actual performance. This made her fairy-like visuals stand out more.

She even delivered some fan service.

We can’t get enough of her ethereal looks.

And we’re not the only ones! Everyone was in love with her new look.

Her new hair swiftly went viral with over thousands of QRTs and retweets from the night. But more importantly, do we smell a comeback in the making? Keep your eyes peeled!