IVE Receives Attention For Live Vocals During Music Show Encore

Here’s how they did.

IVE recently returned with “I AM,” an addictive song about self-confidence and big dreams.

With this comeback, they have shown great improvement, receiving praise with each live performance. During a recent appearance on Jay Park‘s Drive, the girls received attention for their flawless live vocals despite the challenging choreography.

The girls slayed the performance.

International netizen comments on their performance at Drive. | YouTube

With “I AM,” they scored the first win of this promotional cycle on The Show. The girls sang their hearts out during the encore, which is known to be particularly harsh on idols. Encore performances at the end of each music show are 100% live without any backing tracks. Many idols have gotten into controversy for failing to deliver during this portion of the show.

IVE proved that people had nothing to worry about! They delivered a stable performance, and Liz even covered all the backing adlibs perfectly.

Netizens were highly impressed with the live singing. The girls were such a hot topic that they received over 1000 comments on online forums in just a few hours.

Netizens comments. | theqoo
  • Feels like they’ll get even better after more experience on stage. Liz is good though.
  • The song is so high-pitched.
  • They did well.
  • I guess you get praised for this level. It was kind of hard to listen to.
  • They did well. Congrats!
  • Liz is really a treasure.
  • Yujin and Liz did well, as expected.

The girls really improved this time around! Catch the full encore below.

Source: theqoo


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