IVE’s Jang Won Young Contemplates About Editing Her Legs In Every Photo—To Make Them Shorter

She thinks her legs are “too long.”

IVE may have just debuted a week ago, but the girls have been keeping busy with their promotional activities. Member Jang Won Young made a guest appearance on the most recent episode of Radio Star, where many of her discussion topics have been making headlines. Out of all the headliner worthy moments, however, is one particular topic that has taken the cake.

IVE’s Jang Won Young on “Radio Star” | MBC

The specific broadcast featured guests that fit the theme of the episode “Body Gods,” and no justification for Jang Won Young’s appearance was needed. Ever since her participation in Mnet‘s Produce 48, the IVE member became an icon with her height and perfect body proportions, which she touched on during her time on Radio Star.

I debuted with IZ*ONE when I was 14-years-old (international age) and I was 168 cm (5’5 ft). I re-debuted with IVE at 17-years-old and now I am 173 cm (5’7 ft).

Along with my fellow IVE members, my goal is to become the tallest girl group. Out of all the members, we have 3 who are over 170 cm (5’6 ft).

— Jang Won Young


And while netizens may be envious of the Jang Won Young’s perfect height and proportions, it seems that her tall height has become one of the IVE member’s achilles heels. The stunning girl group member continued to discuss her tall height by confessing that she gets “concerned” about her height at times.

Honestly, I don’t know how much I’ll keep growing so I do get concerned sometimes. I think I stopped growing though.

— Jang Won Young

Jang Won Young didn’t stop her concerns there. The girl group member shared that she believed her legs were “too long,”—to the point where she always contemplates if she should “edit them” shorter or not.

Jang Won Young as an IZ*ONE member.

Radio Star took the time to share an edited photo of Jang Won Young’s legs before and after an edit—and netizens could not believe how long they truly were!

Edited photo (left) versus Jang Won Young’s real proportions (right) | MBC

They shared their utter shock at Jang Won Young’s insanely long legs, but also at the fact that she shortens them in photos.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, there are some people out there who shorten their legs.”
  • “Is she a real life Sailor Moon?”
  • “Omg.”
  • “Her proportions are insane.”
  • “Whoa, the stairs in the right are perfectly normal but on the left…holy crap. Her proportions are crazy.”
  • “Wow, the fact that her proportions are possible in real life…shaking”
  • “I’m so jealous.”
| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Some people are God’s favorites and it’s clear that Jang Won Young is one of them. Be sure to check out the IVE member on this week’s Radio Star episode!

Source: Star Today and theqoo