IVE’s Wonyoung Stuns By Turning “Grandma Fashion” Into A Lovely Look At The Airport

Cherry bunny MiuMiu princess!

IVE’s Wonyoung is off to the Philippines with her members to put on their concert, THE PROM QUEENS. The star surprised fans when she strutted up to the airport in a style that is unlike her usual chic fashion.

While Wonyoung usually dresses more maturely, that day, she wore a printed babydoll dress with ribbon detailing.


The dress was a MiuMiu piece. She paired it with a micro bag from the same brand!

Wonyoung wore her hair in plaits and covered up with a knit hat.

Underneath the hat, her eyes appear to be slightly swollen from the early hour.

She wore close to no makeup, with just some gloss on her lips.

Many found her get-up adorable, befitting of her nickname, cherry bunny!

It has been a long time since fans have seen Wonyoung in such a style.

The dress was actually a gift from fans during her IZ*ONE days.

She wore the dress in 2021, even featuring it in her very first Instagram post.

Perhaps she was a little shy about her outfit, as she covered her face. Liz can be seen laughing as she pats Wonyoung.

Fans loved seeing Wonyoung dress according to her age.

| theqoo
  • Oh, she’s f*cking cute.
  • I’m serious. She’s so pretty, cute, and lovely.
  • Wow, she’s like a strawberry princess.
  • She’s like a doll.
  • Wonyo is so pretty… If I wear that hat, I’d look like a grandma.
  • Cute.
  • She looks like a manga character. So pretty.
  • She’s a total doll.

Not only do we love seeing Wonyoung dress cute, we also appreciate how that she’s not afraid to rewear clothing from years ago! The fact that it was a gift from fans makes it all the better.

Source: Theqoo