IVE’s Jang Wonyoung And ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s Interaction At The “37th Golden Disc Awards” Has Fans Missing The “Jangkku” MC Duo

Jangkku meet again!

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung And ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon were MCs of KBS’s Music Bank together from October 2021 until his final show in September 2022. Each week fans tuned in for the fun interactions and friendship between the two stars.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon and IVE’s Jang Wonyoung | @KBSMusicBank/Twitter
| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

Sunghoon and Wonyoung formed a close relationship, with the ENHYPEN member saying he “got a lot of help from her” while talking about how he found out his time as an MC would end.

Since then, fans have been hoping for interactions between the two, which they got when the pair won the Best Couple Award at the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards and when Sunghoon was the one to give Wonyoung IVE’s award for Best New Artist at the 2022 MAMA Awards. 

ENHYPEN and IVE both attended the 37th Golden Disc Awards in Bangkok, and won awards during the night.

Fans of “Jangkku” kept an eye out during the evening for any potential interactions and got this small crumb while IVE were dancing to “Love Dive.”

Little did fans know that they’d later get a direct interaction between the two!

While IVE were exiting the artist area, ENHYPEN were standing and waving to fans. When Wonyoung passed by, Sunghoon looked at her and waved directly as they bowed to each other.


This interaction has overjoyed fans who couldn’t help but express their happiness online!

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