IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Is A Total Pro Even When The Cameras Aren’t On Her

Her face changed up so quick!

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung has always been professional in front of the cameras. She once pushed through an entire performance despite her knee bleeding! Although she had touched her knee to discover blood, she continued to smile and dance confidently for the camera.

This time, her professionalism was caught off camera. Only special footage from a behind-the-scenes camera managed to capture the precious moment.

The choreography for “After LIKE” involves Wonyoung taking center stage for a quick second before she drops out of frame and Rei sings her line.

| SBS 

As soon as Rei finishes her line, the girls move into a line formation. Wonyoung is supposed to quickly pop back up and walk sideways. In the aired version of the performance, the entire sequence went perfectly.


But in a wide angle fancam, fans were able to see what went on when Wonyoung as out of the frame. As Wonyoung crouched down to give Rei some space, she came into close proximity with the cameraman. The cameraman had gone in for a closeup of Rei, leaving Wonyoung slightly frazzled.


Even though her expression faltered for a brief moment, as soon as she was back in the frame, a smile returned to her face.


Wonyoung is definitely one of the best performers we’ve seen in K-Pop! Not many can switch up that quickly for the cameras. Catch the finished masterpiece below.