IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Had The Most Unexpected Reaction To A Fan Complimenting Her

“There’s no such thing.”

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung is K-Pop’s latest it-girl. The entire nation has their eyes on her with her tall and slender frame, perfect pout, and puppy eyes.

Jang Wonyoung. | Starship Entertainment

As Jang Wonyoung is currently promoting her team’s latest comeback, “LOVE DIVE,” they had a round of fansigns on April 23, 2022. While she was friendly and kind to fans, one fan’s compliment left Wonyoung reacting sternly — but not for the reason you would expect.

The fan told Wonyoung that she had not eaten a single meal yet that day. Although fansigns only last for an hour or so, it often takes up an entire day of planning and preparation. Sometimes, fans are so nervous they cannot stomach food. Wonyoung was duly worried for the fan.

| @O4O2O3u/Twitter

The fan reassured Wonyoung that she felt full just by seeing her, as Wonyoung was so pretty. To her surprise, Wonyoung put on a stern expression and immediately denied the statement.

| @O4O2O3u/Twitter

She later advised the fan to have a filling meal of braised beef ribs after the fansign.

| @O4O2O3u/Twitter

She encouraged the fan to eat her fill as fansigns were tiring.

| @O4O2O3u/Twitter 

Check out the clip from the fan below.

  • Fan: [tells Wonyoung she hasn’t eaten all day]
  • Wonyoung: “That must be so hard on you…”
  • Fan: “But as soon as I saw Wonyoung’s face…I was full…because you’re so pretty.”
  • Wonyoung: “Nonsense. There’s no such thing.”
  • Fan: “Oh, there’s no such thing?”
  • Wonyoung: “You still have to eat. Have some braised ribs today. Since today was rough, have beef ribs. On such hard days, you have to eat your fill.”

Wonyoung’s stern but adorable reaction to the fan entertained fans. Who knew she had such a no-nonsense side to her! As famous as she is, she’s known for being the sweetest to her DIVEs. It’s no surprise that she would be the one to nag them to eat!