IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Goes Viral For Sending A Baseball Crowd Into Meltdown — Just By Taking Off Her Mask

Despite the haters, Jang Wonyoung once again went viral!

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung has always caught the attention of netizens and the media since the idol first debuted as part of IZ*ONE after appearing on Produce 48. Along with her phenomenal talent, charisma, and on-stage presence, the idol has always been praised for her dazzling visuals wherever she goes.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram

Although the idol shines on stage and during schedules, she has also wowed whenever she is out and about, representing IVE and K-Pop wherever she goes. The same could be said when she threw the first pitch ahead of the match between the KT Wiz and the Doosan Bears.

In the past, Jang Wonyoung has stolen hearts on the baseball pitch with her visuals, and it dates all the way back to her IZ*ONE days, including throwing the first pitch in 2018 and at the Idol Star Athletics Championships.

Jang Wonyoung throwing a pitch in 2018 when she was in IZ*ONE | Osen
Jang Wonyoung at the ISACs

Well, it seems like the case is even more true in 2022. From the minute the idol stepped onto the baseball pitch, she captured the hearts of netizens with her flawless visuals.

Jang Wonyoung throwing a pitch in 2022 | Newsen

Even in fan-taken photos, the idol’s unedited beauty and charisma were off the charts. Despite being so young, Jang Wonyoung held herself in a way that was mature, sophisticated, and elegant, proving that she was always meant to be in the spotlight.

| @Ayano_WonYoung/Twitter
| @Ayano_WonYoung/Twitter 

If that wasn’t enough to prove her global influence, the reaction from the crowd when she was throwing the pitch wasn’t what netizens would’ve expected from a sports crowd.

When Jang Wonyoung made her way to the pitch, she looked dazzling even if she was wearing a mask.

| theqoo

Yet, someone must’ve given her a signal because before throwing the pitch, the idol took off her mask and showcased her dazzling visuals.

Yet, it was the crowd’s reaction that really went viral. As soon as Jang Wonyoung took off her mask, the entire crowd started screaming and sharing their appreciation for her visuals.

Even the commentators couldn’t help but notice the reaction to Jang Wonyoung. Yet, it seems as if even the idol was shocked by the reaction from the crowd, and it showcased how humble she is as an idol.

Despite the sudden reaction, she stayed composed as she prepared herself for the moment. Even with all the pressure, Jang Wonyoung managed to throw a perfect pitch while maintaining her elegance and charm.

In one video that has gone viral on TikTok, with over four million views, netizens couldn’t get over Jang Wonyoung’s visuals and the way she managed to capture the attention of such a huge audience.

Many even explained that despite the haters always trying to find issues with her behavior, with many comments being negative, she always remains polite and mature.

Despite being so young, Jang Wonyoung has always faced mixed opinions from netizens. Yet, this event showcases not only how much most netizens and Koreans love her, but that her personality is so sweet and she maintains her professionalism wherever she goes.

Source: theqoo and @fall.in.love_/TikTok