IVE Leaves Fans In Awe With Their “I Am” Studio Choom Performance

“Their charisma and stage presence are insane!”

Just a couple of days ago, IVE made their highly anticipated comeback with their first full-length studio album, I’ve IVE, and accompanying title track “I Am”.

The members blew fans away with their flawless visuals, stunning vocals, and captivating presence in the music video for “I Am”, once again showing why they’re one of the top girl groups of the modern era of K-Pop.

IVE | @IVEstarship/Twitter

As with many K-Pop groups promoting these days, IVE appeared on the YouTube channel Studio Choom to take part in their “Be Original” series by performing the choreography of “I Am”.

Dressed in simple but elegant all-black outfits that let their visuals shine as the main focus, the members performed the choreography of their latest title track beautifully, making for a captivating video.

Comments on the tweet about the performance show just how much fans enjoyed it, with plenty of relatable opinions and praise for the members!

The video even earned itself a post on a Korean forum online, where comments from fans were similarly positive and awed by IVE’s talents.

We can’t wait to see how IVE’s members wow us next!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa