IVE’s Leeseo Allegedly Subjected To Sexual Harassment At Hanlim Arts School

While international fans thought it was just harassment, Korean fans believe it’s more serious.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Netizens have demanded protection for IVE‘s Leeseo after alleged sexual harassment toward the idol while at school.

IVE’s Leeseo | @ivestarship/Iinstagram

Like many young idols, Leeseo is currently enrolled in a special arts school and is currently attending the prestigious Hanlim Multi Art School.

Although many idols attend the school, a recent clip has shown that many stars still get treated differently by their classmates and sometimes taken advantage of. In a post, a fan wrote about Leeseo’s experience at school.

Even though she’s promoting, she came to school and though she napped a little during classes, she signed autographs for each and every one. She’s such an angel.

— OP

With the post was a video of Leeseo signing a notepad.

When the video was spread, international fans couldn’t hide their anger at Leeseo being “harassed” while at school for autographs. Although she is an idol, Leeseo was there to study and many thought she was being taken advantage of.

Yet, a Korean fan shared more serious concerns about the video spreading. In particular, the main OP of the post shared the clip and some posts with the caption, “Please protect Leeseo from the sexual harassment in her own class at Hanlim.”

While international fans seemed focused on Leeseo being harassed to sign autographs, the OP believed that it was “sexual harassment.”

A forum post had the title “The ‘Growth’ Of High Schoolers These Days,” where the “growth” was linked to the fact the student seemingly had an erection. While not always deemed as “sexual harassment,” the OP was very serious about their concerns for the young idol.

It’s not the first time netizens have raised concerns about how Leeseo is treated at school, and you can read more below.

Netizens Raise Concerns For IVE’s Leeseo As Photos Of Her In School Gain Attention


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