Netizens Raise Concerns For IVE’s Leeseo As Photos Of Her In School Gain Attention

Many are concerned for her.

It’s not been too long since IVE’s Leeseo became a high schooler. She entered Hanlim Arts High School in March 2023.

Despite her enrolment in the prestigious school, she has not been able to go to school often.

With her hectic schedules as part of one of Korea’s most popular girl groups, Leeseo does not get to see her classmates frequently.

It comes as no surprise that on the rare occasion she does make it to class, everyone gets super excited to see her! Recent photos of her in school were published on community sites. It seems that her classmate’s Instagram story was reposted.

“Leeseo came to our class…*trembling* | Nate Pann

Her classmates were visibly crowding around her, with many lining up to get autographs signed.

“Leeseo is having a fan meeting in our class.” | Nate Pann

Although Leeseo does not seem too upset about the situation, many found it unsettling that the young idol could not even attend school in peace. As Hanlim Arts High School is full of trainees and idols itself, one would expect the students to be more used to seeing celebrities.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • She must be so tired. Although I know it is impossible, they should leave her alone… She’d be so tired going to school and having people crowd around her, being noisy and asking for autographs.
  • But why are those kids (other students) even going to that school? They should be making something of themselves, you backbreakers.
  • It’s not even a fan sign but they’re doing this in school. Pathetic. Bet there’s many celebrities who don’t graduate and drop out.
  • Look at the male student carrying the piece of paper. He really has no consideration.
  • Leeseo is originally pretty but I think she got even prettier recently.

While this is definite proof of Leeseo’s popularity and success, it also brings to question the effectiveness of the school in terms of her basic education and mental health.

Source: Nate Pann