“Is Leeseo’s Aura For Real?” IVE Fans Can’t Get Over The Maknae’s Visual Charms

She’s the perfect mix of cute and elegance!

When IVE first debuted in late 2021, their maknae Leeseo was just 14 at the time. As with many K-Pop idols that debut at such a young age, many fans had concerns about her joining IVE that young, though there has never been any denying that she has the talents and skill to keep up with the group’s older members on stage.

Leeseo (IVE)

With IVE’s fresh new comeback with the album I’ve IVE and accompanying title track “I Am”, newfound appreciation for Leeseo’s talents and pretty visuals has been discussed online, with plenty of praise for her maknae-like charms!


Now 16 years old, Leeseo is still in her school-age years while the rest of IVE’s members are 18 to 20. Given their couple-year age gap, Leeseo definitely stands out as the cute maknae of IVE in some regards, but she also can give off a mature aura that suits the group’s elegant concepts.

Photos of her recent appearance during IVE’s “I Am” comeback era were shared on an online forum, with the post’s author amazed at the “aura” that Leeseo gives off in them.

With her dark hair and minimal makeup paired with an oversized blazer, Leeseo radiates elegance!

A gif from the group’s new “I Am” music video was shared on the post as well, with Leeseo looking rich AF in a luxurious outfit and setting.

Here’s what some fans have to say about Leeseo’s recent visuals and overall vibe as IVE’s maknae.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out IVE’s “I Am” music video below!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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