IVE’s Leeseo Has Always Been Gorgeous As Proven By Pre-Debut Photos

She looks gorgeous and fresh.

IVE hasn’t even debuted officially yet and they’re already making waves! Not only do they have former IZ*ONE‘s Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung under their name, they also have revealed talented and visual members Liz, Gaeul and last but not least, their maknae, Leeseo!

Although they’ve already been in contention for debuting a 14 year old minor with Leeseo, many are choosing to simply support the girls in their dreams instead. Leeseo stunned many when she was first revealed, for her gorgeous visuals and tall height. Despite being born in 2007, she already has matured into her looks.

Not only that, it seems that she’s a natural beauty. Of course, that might be a given with her young age. But even without the impeccable styling and grooming, Leeseo’s natural beauty shines. Her pre-debut pictures were released on an online community.

| pann

Even her graduation photos were flawless! As Leeseo is only 14 years old internationally, she’s only graduated elementary school so far. These photos are of her back then. Her real name, Lee Hyunseo, was also revealed.

| pann

Perhaps her initial dream was to be a doctor? Many are comparing her to Apink‘s Oh Hayoung when she first debuted. Hayoung too, debuted young, when she was 15 years old! They both share similar large eyes and a high nose, contributing to their exotic looks.

Hayoung in her debut. | Cube Entertainment

We can’t wait to see what IVE and Leeseo has in store for us! Congratulations on your debut.

Source: pann