IVE’s Liz Receives Attention For Her Stunning Visuals Of Late

Her bangs were thinned out finally.

IVE‘s Liz has always been gorgeous. She made a huge splash with her visuals at the time of her debut when she stunned with shocking blond hair. Her dimple and pale skin complemented the pale yellow color of her hair, making her look super doll-like.

With the group’s comeback for “After LIKE,” Liz sported black hair. She maintained her full bangs for the comeback. Fans got a pleasant treat when she posted a photo from a pictorial. Her hair was styled with a wet look, thinning out her bangs. Her features were made more prominent in contrast.

| Instiz

Paired with her pleated dress and pose, she looked like a mermaid. Her rising visuals wowed netizens.

| Instiz
  • “Is it because of her clothes? She looks like a mermaid princess.”
  • “Her nose bridge is insane.”
  • “So pretty.”
  • “Ah, I love it.”
  • “Liz is really pretty.”
  • “Wow, so pretty.”

It looks like all of IVE are visual members! We hope to see her shine more on stage with the next comeback.

Source: Instiz


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