Hidden Camera Prank Shows IVE Liz’s True Personality…And Brings Her To Tears

She unexpectedly broke down. 🥺

The members of IVE recently had a hidden camera prank where their reaction to a young staff member’s mistake was captured on film. In particular, fans fell for Liz‘s true personality after seeing her reaction to the situation.

IVE’s Liz | @IVE_twt/Twitter

The hidden camera prank begins with a young staff member who drops a cake.

Liz panics and freezes as the members watch the prank unfold…

…and soon, the scary senior writer enters!

When the young staff member asks Liz to take the blame for the accident, she accepts without hesitation.

Despite being scared, Liz shows her warm heart and takes the fall.

However, the senior writer continues to scold the young staff as Liz looks on, clearly concerned.

Not only does she help the staff member clean up the remaining cake…

…she even continues to take the fall for her when talking with her members!

The members revealed they knew it was a prank all along and Liz laughs…

…before bursting into tears of relief.

Fans couldn’t help but fall for Liz’s kind-hearted and selfless reaction to the prank, revealing her warm personality.

Check out all of the members’ reaction to the prank below!