“I Don’t Have Anyone Else.” — IVE’s Liz Breaks Hearts With A Sincere Letter To Fans

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IVE recently made a successful comeback with “I AM.” Through the album, they showed a side to themselves that they have not tried before, moving from a preppy style to a more mature and chic one. As they slowly round out promotions, the main vocal Liz came to the official fan cafe to express her sincere gratitude towards DIVEs.

Liz’s letter to fans. | Daum

Hello hehe. It’s Liz.

DIVE, hello… It’s been a long time.

I couldn’t sleep last night at dawn, and so I read the letters that DIVEs wrote to me on the cafe.

I was so touched; it also made me realize things about my existence. Rather than think about it myself, I’m writing a post to try to share my thoughts with DIVE. 

Firstly, what I thought about the most was that my existence is giving strength to more people than I thought. Hmm… It’s really so, so much more than I thought.

To be honest, at first, I didn’t know nor did I believe that anything could be of a strength to me. I thought that everyone’s words might be a little bit empty, but that was so wrong of me, and the one who helped me correct this thought is DIVE. 

I sincerely only look towards you guys. I don’t have anyone else but DIVE.

When I’m on schedules, or when I take pictures, etc, whenever I do things that DIVE will see, I wonder what you guys will think of me. “They will really like this photo!” Thoughts like that. My entire head is filled with DIVE.

I don’t want to disappoint DIVE, who came to me like fate. 

— Liz

She also offered words of comfort to fans, asking that they only look towards the future.

Honestly, I don’t even hope that you guys tell me it’s right when things are wrong. I only hope for one thing. That is, for you guys to be by my side. I’ve always asked for that, and with this full-length album comeback, I have asked that of you a lot too.

I hoped that you guys would love it. I hoped that DIVE would recognize our hard work. Of course, I know that you guys will love us no matter what, but it was also the first time I’ve challenged this new look, so I think it was awkward for me, and I also wasn’t sure of it. But not anymore. Of course, it’s all thanks to DIVE. Although I was a little lost and unsure up to now, that’s not true anymore. Although I can’t promise you 100%, I will try to make it so. Thank you, DIVE, for proving to me that the time that I’ve endured up to now was not for naught.

In the future, no matter what happens, I’ll endure it steadfastly and will always show DIVE the bright side of me. I will come to you as a good person. So DIVE, be like you are now. It’s already enough. I hope you spend each day awaiting the future. Both DIVE and myself. Let’s hold hands as we move forward. No matter who calls for us from behind, promise that you will never follow them.

I love you, DIVE. More than you think.

Were you guys panicked that I suddenly conveyed my sincere feelings? Shall we call it, emo vibes at dawn? Hehe. I can’t with you guys… But please know that I meant it all.

— Liz

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Be sure to support Liz and IVE by watching the music video for “I AM.”

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