IVE’s Liz Is No Longer Blonde, And Fans Can’t Handle It

They’re loving her new hair!

IVE‘s Liz is getting fans hyped for her new hair!


Ever since her debut in 2021, Liz has been known for her bright smile, deep dimple, and characteristic blonde hair with thick bangs!

For the group’s “Eleven” and “Love Dive” eras, Liz retained her blonde hairstyle, and remained the only blonde member in her group!

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

| @IVE_twt/Twitter

But now, Liz has dyed her hair black, and fans can’t get over how good she looks in natural colors-so much so, that she even trended for her new hair!

While her blonde hair definitely made her stand out, Liz with black hair is just as stunning, and she’s slaying with her visuals!

Fans even brought up her past pre-debut photos of her with black hair, and complimented her visuals from then, til now!

Pre-debut Liz

With her new hair, she’s a total visual queen!