IVE’s Liz Stuns In Pre-Debut Photographs That Prove She Was Always Gorgeous

What are they feeding Gen Z kids?

Starship Entertainment recently revealed another member of their upcoming girl group, IVE. Born in 2004, Liz will be part of the new girl group including IZ*ONE‘s former Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung. Fans speculate her to be the main vocal of the group, based on pre-debut rumors.

Her real name is said to be Jiwon and she seems to be of a very tall stature despite her young age. She’s a mere 17 years old internationally! With long blond hair and straight cut bangs, many have been comparing her to STAYC‘s Yoon.

Soon after her profile was revealed, someone who claims to be her friend in real life, uploaded some pre-debut shots. The reason? The friend believed that the profile photos did not do Liz’s beauty justice!

I’m Jiwon’s friend and her real life looks are way prettier so I’m uploading some pre-debut pics.

— Liz’s supposed friend

Wit her high nose bridge and huge eyes, many are likening her to a living doll.

These photos certainly prove that she has always been gorgeous!

Just what are they feeding Gen Z kids nowadays? We can’t wait for IVE to make their official debut!