IVE’s “Love Dive” Almost Went To A Different Idol: Here’s How It Ended Up With The Rookie Girl Group

Can you imagine a female solo version?

There’s no doubt about it: IVE‘s latest return to the stage with “Love Dive” has been a blessing. In fact, “Love Dive” is such a bop that it is now ranked as the biggest first-week debut stream on Spotify among all the songs released by K-Pop girl groups and among fourth-generation girl groups in 2022!

IVE | @showchampion1/Twitter

But before it landed with the talented rookie girl group, the song wandered—and it almost went to a different female soloist!

In a recent live broadcast called “MIYA’s KEYWORD PLAYLIST,” Sunmi listened to “Love Dive.” Singing along, the soloist revealed that she was given the demo recording for “Love Dive” as well!

I actually received the sample for ‘Love Dive,’ too. You had no idea, huh? Yeah, I got the demo.

— Sunmi

Sunmi “fell in love with the song” and contemplated taking it—though, in the end, she decided the song belongs to a group.

I fell in love with the song. But I realized it’s more suitable for a group than a solo. A group would be able to bring the most out of the song, so…

— Sunmi

Praising the song for its unique and attractive composition…

I debated on this one for a long time. I really liked the demo because the beginning of this song reminds me of the songs that came out in the early 2000s. It has that vibe, the beats. But once it moves on to the chorus, it sounds different. I thought the ‘ooh-ooh’ chorus brings it a trendy… almost European sound. So yeah, I found this to be a really attractive song that has a lot to offer.

— Sunmi

…Sunmi agreed that, all in all, “Love Dive” 100% belongs to IVE.

Noting how common it is for K-Pop songwriters to offer demo recordings to multiple artists and artist management agencies, both Sunmi and IVE fans, too, believe that “Love Dive” ended up where it should have!

| @IVEstarship/Twitter

I think it sounds as fresh and cool as it does because IVE members sing it!

— Sunmi

Listen to “Love Dive” here.

Source: theqoo