Netizens Amazed By Each IVE Member’s Unique Take On Love Dive’s Iconic “Mirror Dance”

Who’s version are you loving the most?

Each member of IVE gets a chance to show off their individual personalities during the point choreography of their latest comeback song, “Love Dive.” The mirror dance shows each member pretending to look at themselves in a hand mirror like a narcissist, as the lyrics suggest.

Leeseo gives a smug expression and ends with a cute grimace…

…while Liz shows off her cute and pretty charms with wide eyes and a slight smile.

Rei‘s confident expression shows her sultry side!

Meanwhile, Wonyoung shows off her duality with an arched eyebrow and quickly shifts her expression.

With the wind blowing in Yujin‘s hair, she gives off model vibes!

Gaeul gets into character for the lyrics, playing the role of a narcissist in the hand mirror.

With each member’s own take on the dance move, it shows off each of their individual personalities