IVE Members Voice Their Requests For What They Want From Their Agency, Starship Entertainment

As a successful girl group, they want the simple things in life—like a butt warmer?

Since IVE debuted in 2021, they have been conquering the music charts with each of their comebacks—from their debut song, “Eleven,” to the song they are currently promoting, “I AM.”

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On tvN‘s YouTube show The K-Star Next Door, hosted by Jonathan Yiombi, three IVE members appeared as guests and discussed their careers and new album. Leeseo, Rei, and Gaeul sat with Jonathan in a high school classroom, and he brought up the fact that all of IVE’s songs have been successful.

‘Eleven,’ ‘Love Dive,’ and ‘After Like’—these songs were a triple success. Do you have a favorite from these songs?

— Jonathan

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Without hesitation, Rei stated her favorite is “Love Dive” because to her, it was a song that was noticeably successful. Gaeul laughed at how the standard of Rei’s favorite song was how famous it was.


Gaeul then went along with the joke and shared that her favorite is “After Like” because the line she sang became famous.


Lastly, Leeseo chose “Eleven” as her favorite song because her “odd” dance move became famous.


Jonathan then asked if they had any requests for their company, Starship Entertainment, now that they are a successful girl group—if they had any little favors. The three members each shared the things they would like their agency to provide for them.

Gaeul responded first, asking for an item to keep the practice room clean.

For me, I wonder what it would be like to have a robot vacuum in our practice room. When we practice, the floor gets dirty often.

Gaeul dancing in the practice room | IVE/YouTube 

Rei shared her wish for a comfortable bathroom trip.

I want one of these: a warm butt thing in the practice room bathroom or the company bathroom. Not a bidet, but the thing that makes your butt warm when you sit on it.

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Lastly, Leeseo had to think a bit but finally thought of something quite peculiar.

I know I want: a car renovation. We spend a lot of time in the car. You know how the seats can move, right?

IVE on “Point of Omniscient Interfere” | MBCentertainment/YouTube

She stated she wanted seats that recline all the way back, and Jonathan suggested a seat with a built-in massage system.

All jokes aside, the IVE members stated that Starship Entertainment had always been good to them, even before their debut. When Jonathan asked if their company treated them differently after their success, such as opening the door for them or bringing them water at their command, Rei answered honestly.

Even before we debuted, they were all so good to us every day. This is the truth.

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Jonathan stated if he were CEO, he would pull out the carpet for IVE every day—and so would we!

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Watch the full episode of The K-Star Next Door here.


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