Meet MINIVE — IVE’s Brand New “Mini-Me” Cartoon Version Group

Even non-fans are excited!

Whether you are a fan of IVE or a fan of cute animated characters, IVE’s latest announcement is exciting news for everyone!

IVE’s Rei, Gaeul, Wonyoung, Yujin, Leeseo, and Liz | @IVEstarship/Twitter

IVE’s brand new “mini-me” group has officially been released! MINIVE (pronounced min-eave), features six characters: Ganganji, Dal-E, Naori, Cherry, Cheez, and Erang-E. Curious to know who each character represents? Keep reading below!

| @IVEstarship/Twitter

In the “HAVE WHAT WE WANT” MINIVE version video, each character takes the place of the member they represent. One look at Cherry and you’ll know that her cute bunny face and long ears represent Wonyoung and her gorgeous flowing hair!

Next, it’s no coincidence that Cheez the cat looks just like Liz.

This is followed by baby chick Naori whose eyes and freckle can be none other than Rei.

Dal-E is the squirrel version of Gaeul — all the way down to her cute small mouth and freckle!

Erang-E the tiger is just as bubbly and cute as Leeseo.

Lastly, Yujin has the same puppy-like visuals as Ganganji the dog!

MINIVE is just like IVE!

Check out each of the members’ side-by-side images with their characters below.

Watch the full MINIVE version of “HAVE WHAT WE WANT” below.


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