IVE Performs Two Brand New Songs At Their First Concert

Could a mini-album be on the way?

On February 11, IVE held the first night of their first fan concert The Prom Queens at Olympic Hall in Seoul.

As could be expected from the talented rookies, they put on a show that won’t soon be forgotten by anyone that attended!

Their setlist included their well-known hits “Eleven”, “Love Dive”, and “After LIKE”, including a rock version of the latter two!

There were also sub-unit covers of other artists’ songs, such as Gaeul and Leeseo performing MONSTA X‘s “Love Killa”, Yujin and Liz covering “Gravity” by Taeyeon, and Wonyoung and Rei performing Meghan Trainor‘s “Me Too”.

Perhaps most excitingly, however, were the two brand new songs that the girls performed during the concert that have never been heard before!

The first of the two new songs is called “Blue Blood”, and elegant, mystical, and mature-sounding song that totally suits the girls’ concept.

The second new song, performed during the group’s encore, is called “Not Your Girl”. It’s a more bubbly and cute song that brings out the members’ energetic and youthful sides.

Even those that didn’t attend the concert can’t help but be excited for the new songs, and hope that it means a mini-album will be released in the near future!

We can’t wait to see what else IVE has planned for fans next!

Source: Reddit


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