IVE Receives Undivided Praise For Their Live Singing At Sejong University Festival

Everyone agreed that the girls are talented.

University festivals in South Korea are known as a test of the live singing skills of idols. As idols are invited to perform at colleges, it is hard to avoid public scrutiny. Performers either perform live or lip-sync to the original music track.

This summer, IVE was invited to perform at Sejong University. The girls proved that they were singing a hundred percent live with the way they almost blew up the speakers. An audience member had nothing but praise for the girls.

Wow, Liz and Yujin are so good at live. During “I AM,” I thought the speakers would explode.

— madebyGamja

The video of them performing live proved it all. The moment that Liz hit the high note, the audience cheered in awe.

The loud fan chants also proved the girls’ popularity. In particular, Liz and Yujin were praised for their stable voices and powerful high notes.

Netizen reactions | theqoo
  • They are all good. The audience on site must’ve been so excited.
  • Now that’s what you call live… Ahn Yujin was my vocal pick during Produce too… I thought that she would get to be really good at singing later on… Yujin is Yujin, but Liz here is also amazing.
  • They’re good. There’s nothing to even judge. They’re just sincerely so good.
  • Those looking for a bone to pick are really reaching. They’re trying so hard to find flaws when they’re really good.
  • They’re so good.
  • Liz is insane. Be it doubling or whatnot, I hope they give her more parts. My ears are happy.

The girls really came through!

Source: theqoo