IVE’s Recent Performance Has Netizens Praising Their Impressive Live Vocals

They proved why their success is well-deserved!

On September 22, KST, IVE performed at the Yeoju Institute of Technology and swept the audience with their fantastic stage presence. After the clips of their performance were uploaded on social media, many netizens flocked to online forums to praise the group for singing live.

Many commenters noted that IVE seem to be getting more confident in performing live as they do more offline events. During their performances, they are even attempting to cover all the adlibs, which shows that they are focused on improving performance skills in all aspects.

| theqoo.net
| theqoo.net 


310. “They’re doing really well.”

311. “It’s so beautiful because they worked hard.”

312. “I was fascinated to see that they’re doing it live at the event, but they did really well. Yujin and Liz really pierced through the mic.”

317. “[They are] so pretty. They’re working hard and doing well. Everyone is still young, so all there is left to do is improve.”

This praise has become even more meaningful since IVE just recently received a lot of criticism for apparently lipsyncing at the Unversity of Semyung’s music festival on September 20. Many commenters on another Korean blogging site expressed their disappointment because they felt that only Yujin was singing live during the performance. Though some fans defended the members saying the other members were probably not loud enough to be heard over the backing track, it looks like IVE took the criticism sportily and gave their all to show they can sing live and still deliver high-quality performances.

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  • “Only one person is [singing] live. That’s new.”
  •  “It was just lipsync in the first place. But it looks like Ahn Yujin sang very loudly. That’s why people found it cool and shouted.”
  • “This generation of idols mostly lipsync.”
  • “They’re the only ones who lip sync at festivals. Ah, one of them did it, right.”

That’s what you call growth! There is a reason why this girl group has seen so much success within so little time and given their work ethic, it’s only going upward from here.

Source: theqoo and Instiz