Here’s How IVE’s Rei Started The “Gyaru Peace” Trend In K-Pop And The Next Selfie Pose She’s Developing

The trend started here!

The Gyaru Peace sign is all the rage right now in selfies. Originating from gyaru culture in Japan, the younger teens began to copy the peace sign over the years. Just how did it cross over to South Korea? It started when IVE‘s Rei began doing the pose in selfies. As Rei hails from Japan herself, it didn’t come as a surprise to fans.

Rei doing the Gyaru peace sign. | Dear. U Bubble via theqoo

Other idols began to do the sign in photos as well. NMIXX‘s Sullyoon perfectly demonstrated the pose in a photo for Instagram.

Sullyoon and the Gyaru Peace. | @nmixx_official/Instagram

aespa‘s Giselle, who is half-Japanese, sent the photo to fans through Dear. U Bubble.

| theqoo

Of course, Billie‘s Tsuki, also Japanese, had to give the pose a go.


The pose became super famous as many fans started asking their idols to do the pose. The pose trended so much that it even got a designated song and challenge on TikTok

…Rei began to think about her next pose.

| theqoo

As I was resting in the car, I took selfies and played around, but my poses were lacking… Professor Kim Rei tried to do some R&D.

— Rei

| theqoo

[I thought about] what Kim Rei is… Rei is…Rei… is Kongsoonie…! And that was how the Kongsoonie pose was born.

— Rei

Rei’s nickname is Kongsoonie, after a children’s cartoon character that fans claim she looks like.

Kongsoonie. | Kongsoonie

She ended up creating a new pose based on the nickname. Doesn’t she look adorable?

Rei’s new pose. | theqoo

What do you think of the new pose? It may not become as trendy as Rei’s original Gyaru Peace sign, but fans can delight in her cuteness!

Source: theqoo