Here’s What IVE’s New Comeback Concept Is This Time, According To Wonyoung And Gaeul

They revealed what it is!

IVE recently made their comeback with “Love Dive”, and have fans falling in love with them and their new concept all over again!

IVE | Starship Entertainment

The group also held a press conference in celebration of their comeback, and talked about how excited they are to show a new side of themselves to their fans!

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When they debuted with “Eleven” in December 2021, their concept at the time focused on elegant visuals and a classy vibe that won them a ton of fans!

Their concept this time has a few netizens confused, as the teasers showed the members in school uniforms with tiaras…

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…or fun partywear outfits that showed off their visuals perfectly!

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And now, they finally shared what their concept is this time! Gaeul first talked about their new concept, emphasizing on how they focused on showing their confident side to their fans with their new song.

Compared to our previous album, I think Ive has returned with a wider musical spectrum, and we added more confidence this time. As you can see from our concept and styling, I can assure you that people will be able to feel our charms.


Gaeul | Starship Entertainment

Wonyoung then added how their concept is simply about confidence itself!

Our concept is confidence!


Wonyoung | Starship Entertainment

You can watch the members of IVE be their gorgeous, confident selves in their MV for “Love Dive” here!

Source: The Korea Herald