“Are You Sure That’s A Long Puffer Coat?” — IVE’s Wonyoung Dwarfs A Winter Jacket With Her Height

She makes everything and everyone look short.

Winter is rolling around soon and that means South Korea will be breaking out their puffer jackets soon. Known as “padding,” the jackets come in short or long versions. IVE‘s Wonyoung recently modeled EIDER‘s new line of puffer jackets for their 23 F/W season. Here’s Wonyoung in a short puffer jacket for the brand.

Wonyoung in a short jacket. | EIDER

She also modeled their long puffer jacket version.

Wonyoung in a long puffer jacket. | EIDER

What shocked fans was how she managed to make the long jacket look short. The average long puffer jacket in South Korea comes to at least mid-shin for most, and even to the ankle for shorter people. On Wonyoung, it comes to above the knee!

Wonyoung in a long puffer jacket. | EIDER

The same jacket even looks long on a male model. Of course, the male model would have been wearing a larger size, but with the model standing at over 180cm (5 ‘9) tall, fans wondered just how long Wonyoung’s legs were.

Male model in the jacket. | EIDER

Here’s TWICE in long puffer jackets from another brand. They came to mid-shin for the taller members, and closer to the ankle for the petite members.

Even Red Velvet‘s Irene, who was EIDER’s model in 2018, had the jacket coming down past her shin.

Irene modeling for EIDER. | EIDER

Netizens were convinced that Wonyoung was meant to be star with those proportions.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • She’s really born to be a star. How can that face and those proportions be real?
  • And she looks really good in these photos.
  • You know those 3/4 pants? Her legs are so long that she makes it look like semi-long padding.
  • Wow, since her legs are long, the long padding looks short, and so it can give off a cool vibe…
  • I’m so jealous that she suits long padding.
  • Her face is f*cking pretty. F*ck.
  • If I wear it, it would come to my ankles… Give me just 10cm, Wonyoung.

Wonyoung’s known height is around 173cm (5 ’67). She’s definitely taller than most girls!

Source: Nate Pann


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