IVE Wonyoung’s Hyper-Realistic “Sasaeng” Imitation Sparks Sympathy Among K-Pop Fans

“The sad part is that the fans who do this never, ever realize what they’re doing is ridiculous.”

In a recent YouTube video called “Idol Human Theater” shared to KBS Kpop‘s channel, IVE members Yujin and Wonyoung role-played a fan meeting event. While Yujin portrayed herself as the idol, Wonyoung imitated a fan attending the event.

IVE | @IVEstarship/Twitter

Wonyoung immediately channeled her inner actress and interacted with Yujin as an imaginary fan.  Asking questions and making comments that borderline sasaeng behavior…

Wonyoung: Don’t tell me you forgot who I am…?

Yujin: No, I know you! I even remember your name!

Wonyoung: What it it, then?

Yujin: Vicky…?

Wonyoung: With a V or a B?

Yujin: V…

Wonyoung: You’re right! Gosh, for a second, I really thought you forgot about me!

…Wonyoung convinced the viewers with her “hyperrealistic imitation.” And with “Idol Human Theater” claiming there are no scripts involved, K-Pop fans believed Wonyoung’s imitation might actually be “based on personal experience.”

Wonyoung: Wait, Yujin. You have to make that a heart. Remember?

Yujin: Oops, I forgot about that!

Wonyoung: You promised me that you would turn the Os in “TO” into hearts. Only for me, though. Right?

Yujin: Right, right.

The role-play ended humorously with Yujin running away from Wonyoung who claimed the two have known each other for five years and “go way back” (which, some fans also believe to be calling out stalking).

Praising Wonyoung for the not-so-subtle shade at sasaengs—whether she intended it to be a shade or not, fans deeply sympathized with the idol for “having to put up with ‘fans’ who do this to her and other idols in real life.”

  • “This is common behavior among fans, though. The sad part is that the fans who do this never, ever realize what they’re doing is ridiculous.”
  • “Wonyoung is adorable and all… But this gives me goosebumps. Being a K-Pop idol fan myself, I know she’s not exaggerating and fans like that do exist.”
  • “All idols have fans who are exactly like that… This is not unusual in the industry. Plus, someone of Wonyoung’s fame would most definitely have fans doing that to her IRL. So this is unfortunately some hyperrealistic acting. It grosses me out.”
  • “I thought the video is cute until I saw the comments talking about how real it is. Must be hard for idols who have to deal with difficult fans like that.”
  • “I don’t know, this just breaks my heart. Idols can’t catch a break.”
  • “She’s so cute, I really liked the video. But to learn that there are fans out there who actually do this to their idols… (Shudder).”

Watch the full clip here.

Source: THEQOO