“More AI Than An AI” — IVE’s Wonyoung Goes Viral For Serving Visuals In Extreme Closeups

A true beauty.

IVE recently concluded their world tour for THE PROM QUEENS. The girls traveled to various countries all over Asia, bringing their talent and beauty to DIVEs globally. As part of a post to celebrate the end of the tour, Wonyoung served up some super closeup shots of herself to treat her fans.

She thanked DIVEs for their support during the tour and expressed her love for them.

The photos were flawless, despite how close it was. She had zero visible pores.

She also treated fans to some sultry poses.

Even though she has worn this outfit many times on tour, she spiced it up with accessories in her hair and stickers on her face.

Fans loved the look.

In just a mere hour, she gained over 35,000 views on a repost on a community site. Twitter saw over 300,000 views. Netizens went crazy over her visuals.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • She’s a wall, a total wall.
  • Wow LOL She’s insane. Her skin is so fabulous.
  • She’s so pretty… Wow.
  • Even her eyebrows are pretty. Princess.
  • Wow, so f*cking pretty.
  • More AI than an AI…
  • She’s so pretty FR. A sparkly idol.
  • Princess.
  • She’s so pretty that I’m speechless. She’s prettier than a painting, and prettier than a drawing. Insane. This can’t be true.

Wonyoung’s visual card never declines, that’s for sure!

Source: Theqoo