IVE’s Wonyoung Serves Visuals During The First Week Of Promotions For “I’VE MINE”

Here’s all her looks during that week.

IVE’s Wonyoung has been serving visuals ever since she cut her hair for the comeback with I’VE MINE. She cut bangs for the first time in her life as an idol!

For the triple title comeback, Wonyoung showcased a variety of looks. She looked adorable for “Off The Record” as a sweet softie with glasses.

During the fansign that came right after, she wore an adorable huge ribbon.

We also love this Little Red Riding Hood inspired outfit.

Nerdcore is such a vibe on Wonyoung!

She did a 180 with “Baddie,” going for heavier makeup and a tube top.

The favorite look for the week was this knitted cat ear beanie. It suited the “Baddie” theme perfectly, making her look playful and cute.

The most iconic look for her for sure.

Her consistent beauty has netizens in complete awe.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • OMG Wonyoung-ah… *shivers*
  • Until when do you want to be pretty…
  • FR so so pretty!
  • Insane. So pretty, Nyoungie!
  • So pretty.
  • She looks like Tomic.
  • She’s truly insane. That’s all I can say.
  • Just when I thought she couldn’t get prettier, she does.

Her visual card will never be declined!


Source: Theqoo