IVE’s Wonyoung Experiences Unfair Hate From Mom Forums Due To Incident In Madrid

She was approached by a child in Madrid.

The girls of IVE recently went to Madrid, Spain, for a performance. During their tour of the city, they ran into an incident where a young boy approached Wonyoung. He appeared to reach out to touch her. Wonyoung was understandably shocked, but continued moving. The staff moved the boy out of the way and the girls kept walking.

Due to the incident, Wonyoung had already faced accusations from international audiences, who accused her of being racist.

Netizens Defend IVE’s Jang Wonyoung After Her Reaction To A Child Touching Her Goes Viral

The incident has now spread to Korean online communities. In particular, the incident seems to have an impact on mom forums. These mom forums are usually where mothers of young children gather to discuss child-rearing or make neighborhood friends. Incidents regarding children are also discussed.

As the incident in Madrid gains more attention, the moms online reacted negatively.

  • But to be honest, it’s not liked he patted her, and it doesn’t even seem like he touched her. It is natural to be surprised if someone suddenly approaches you. Anyone would’ve been surprised. But if I were her, I would have offered a handshake after looking back and seeing that it’s just a child. Both her, and the member behind her. I’m also disappointed at the staff who dragged the child away.
  • I agree. Seems like the child was just timidly gesturing to ask for an autograph, but she looked at him like he was dirt.

  • She’s too harsh on the child. He probably wanted to say hi because she’s pretty and fascinating. This is why I like Junho. Junho experienced that and was surprised, but smiled widely after. I really loved him after that. You can be surprised, but after you realize it’s just a fan, shouldn’t you act in a way that makes them feel not so bad? And he’s just a young child…
  • More than Wonyoung, the expression on the short-haired girl behind her…
  • She’s so terrible… Look at her gaze…
  • Your true personality is shown in a flash moment. Her original personality just isn’t friendly…

  • Did anyone say she can’t be surprised? We’re talking about how she acted after she realized it was a child. This is a moment from which I don’t need to interact with her to know how she’s like.
  • (Agreeing)
  • (Agreeing) She looks like she touched something dangerous.
  • We’re not saying she can’t be shocked. But she could smile at him after seeing it’s a child, but her face…
  • Of course she can be shocked when he tried to touch her, but after seeing it’s a child, she could give him a smile. I don’t like how she dealt with it.
  • What are your thoughts?

    Source: theqoo


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