Fans Are Loving IVE Wonyoung’s Current Makeup Style Compared To During Her Debut With “ELEVEN”

She looks beautiful before and after!

Girl group IVE has recently made a comeback with “LOVE DIVE.” While all the girls came back looking stunning, member Wonyoung gained attention for her new makeup style.

Wonyoung for “LOVE DIVE” concept photos. | Starship Entertainment

When she first debuted with “ELEVEN,” the stylist favored heavy eye makeup and volumized roots for Wonyoung. The roots and fringe of her hair were always kept perfectly waved.

Wonyoung during “ELEVEN” promotions.

Even off-stage, during fansigns, Wonyoung had exaggerated lashes, thick brows, and heavy eyeliner.

However, fans noticed that her makeup style had undergone some change with the new comeback. Her eyebrows were thinner and shorter, and her eye makeup much lighter.

Wonyoung at a fansign for “LOVE DIVE.”

She no longer had long falsies but opted for thicker lashes through mascara instead. Eyeliner was kept to a minimum while eyeshadow stuck to neutral shades.

Wonyoung at a fansign for “LOVE DIVE.”

The change was even more apparent on music shows. She had little to no eyeliner or eyeshadow. Instead, the stylist focused on dewy skin and glossy lips for Wonyoung.

Wonyoung on Music Bank. | KBS

Even her hair volume was toned down. She looked even brighter and more youthful.

Wonyoung on M! Countdown. | Mnet

Fans who had been wishing to see Wonyoung return to her babyfaced beauty rejoiced over the change.

Netizens react to the change in Wonyoung’s styling. | Sojang/YouTube
  • “Honestly, she was the prettiest when she looked natural during Produce 48 and looked simple and innocent. But still, rather than over-the-top makeup and performances this comeback, she only paid attention to when her expressions are seen on camera, and her gigglish expression also was reduced, so it’s way better!!”
  • “She was very pretty before too, but personally, right now, she looks natural, and it’s good…!!”
  • “I thought she was pretty before too, but right now, after the change suits her much more, she feels innocent and bright!! I can’t believe styling is this important.”
  • “It’s all pretty, but now that her makeup suits her, she’s become the irreplaceable ultimate beauty. Wonyoung *sob*.”
  • “She suits the change so well. How pretty”
  • “I thought that if she gets rid of her [colored] lens, that [gigglish] feeling will be gone, and now that they put the feedback into action, she’s comfortable to look at. Jang Wonyoung is so pretty.”

It seems that Wonyoung is rocking this era! Be sure to catch her in the new style below.

Source: YouTube