IVE’s Wonyoung Gains Fans For Doing Something Rare Amongst Girl Group Members

All girl group members usually do this.

K-Pop is all about the glitz and glamor! It is commonly part of a girl group member’s beauty routine to get their nails done. As they use their hands often on stage, it is essential as part of a perfect look.

IVE’s Wonyoung has been spotted a couple of times with unique nail art. This is especially so during important events such as year-end concerts…

Wonyoung with nail art. | ive_pics/Twitter

…or during the first few comeback stages.

Wonyoung and her nails. | Starship Entertainment

But a closer look at her nails will have you realize that Wonyoung rarely actually gets her nails done. In the photo above, her pink heart nails are stuck on with temporary nail glue. Most idols go to the salon to get semi-permanent gel nails to make them last longer. Wonyoung favors stick-ons as she only has her nails done for important events.

Most of the time, Wonyoung can be spotted with natural nails.

Even during fansigns, Wonyoung can be seen with no nail polish on.

She always keeps her nails short and filed.

The look only served to gain her more fans, as they contrast with her glamorous looks.

She has been sporting bare nails in the recent year or two.

No matter where she goes, if the look doesn’t absolutely call for nail art, Wonyoung prefers to go bare.

With fingers as long and delicate as hers, she doesn’t need long nails to give the illusion of slimmer hands. 

She even went on a music show with bare nails once!

Wonyoung performing on stage. | theqoo

Many felt that it was surprising, given Wonyoung’s usual girly style.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Oh, I love bare nails. My like for her has gone up.
  • Wonyoung’s hands are pretty too.
  • I like those sort of hands more. Pretty.
  • Feels like she doesn’t need to put in effort on her nails. Pretty.
  • I love well-kept and clean bare nails.
  • Bare nails are the best.
  • They are clean, neat, and bright. Just like Wonyoung.
  • I hate nail art so this is so clean. Her fingers are long, and her hands don’t look childish. Rather, they have that adult beauty.
  • Wonyoung’s fingernails are pretty too.
  • I love bare nails.

We’re a fan of the look too! It seems like more people than expected enjoy the cleaner look of bare nails. After all, Wonyoung does not need flashy nail art to shine!

Source: Theqoo