IVE’s Wonyoung Praised For Her Professionalism In Her Career

The best girl.

IVE‘s Wonyoung was the MC for the recent 2023 Asia Artist Awards, alongside ZEROBABSEONE‘s Hanbin and soloist Kang Daniel.

She displayed absolute perfectionism through the event, holding her posture and smile despite the long ceremony.

Wonyoung stood for around 7 hours hosting the event, from the red carpet to the ending.

Despite the long hours, she displayed exceptional professionalism, greeting everyone with a smile.

She definitely lived up to her title of “1000 years idol!

She never fails to deliver, no matter what the job is. Internaional fans couldn’t help but praise her for her professionalism. Even though the idol receives unimaginable amounts of hate and criticism, she only shows her hardworking and humble side.

International netizen comments. | Pannchoa

Not only does she have beauty, but she also has the brains. Wonyoung can speak English, Japanese, and Korean. She switched between the three throughout the event.

She’s so perfect that sometimes you think she’s a robot! We love that she’s getting the praise she deserves.

Source: Pann Choa