Giant Baby IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Personally Reveals Her True Height

She’s grown since they last measured her in IZ*ONE!

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung has always been known for her height and perfect figure. Even during her IZ*ONE days, she towered over all her unnies. Wonyoung was barely 15 then!

Her legs are practically endless! Wonyoung was often given lower heels compared to the other members because of her natural height.

Even when she is wearing slippers, she still looks tall. We’re absolutely jealous of her slim legs!

Back during her IZ*ONE days, it was known that her height was around 5.54 feet (169cm). Her true height had been fairly measured on Idol Room. This was aired in 2018!

A whole 3 years later, Wonyoung has updated fans with her new height. In a behind-the-scenes clip from BAZAAR Magazine, Wonyoung self-proclaimed her new height in 2021 to be 5.67 feet (173cm).

This means in just 3 short years, she’s grown 0.13 feet (4cm)! What’s more is that Wonyoung is only 17 internationally this year. She’s sure to grow even more. Check out the adorable baby below.


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