Here Is IVE Yujin’s Answer To Questions About Any Future Plans To Move Into Acting

“Very leader-like.”

IVE is filled with visuals. On a daily basis, fans and non-fans want Yujin and Wonyoung to immediately move into acting. After all, they certainly have the visuals for it!

During a chat with Na Young Seok PD, he casually mentioned that many around him keep pestering him to ask IVE about it. Everyone wants to know if the members have any intention or interest to go into acting. As Na PD is a variety show producer himself, he knows many writers for K-Dramas. These writers are avidly keeping their eyes on the IVE girls. As idols, they would have had to try acting for things such as music videos or short skits. Na PD asked if that stoked their interest in the game. Yujin expressed that she “thought that it would be really fun.

There are many K-Drama writers around me. They always ask me, if IVE isn’t going to try acting. Really. For real, many ask me. You know Writer Woojung right? When she meets her fellow writers sometimes, they always ask her to ask you guys.

— Na PD

Yujin quickly deflected the question by explaining that the group is focused on their activities as idols for now.

Acting? Please wait a little bit! IVE is currently promoting!

— Yujin

Na PD was quick to praise her response as “very leader-like.” As the leader of IVE, Yujin’s first priority is to protect her group and her members. Rather than speaking out individually on any interest in a different career path, Yujin’s quick-witted answer was able to both reassure fans about IVE’s activities, as well as leave the door open for any future possibilities.