IVE’s Yujin Undergoes A Dramatic Transformation After Showing Off A Short Pixie Haircut

The short look was created to channel an iconic K-Drama character!

IVE‘s Ahn Yujin has been in the spotlight since she first appeared on Produce 48, and netizens have watched her grow and mature, shocking with her visuals.

Recently, the young idol underwent a huge transformation and debuted a pixie cut to channel an iconic K-Drama character.

IVE’s Yujin | @_yujin_an/Instagram

Aside from her amazing performance skills and personality, Yujin is always praised for her visuals and, since debuting in IVE, has always impressed netizens with her beautiful hair.

| @_yujin_an/Instagram
| @_yujin_an/Instagram

In the past, Yujin has had shorter hair, and it has always looked stunning…

Yet, Yujin underwent a huge transformation during a recent variety show appearance that saw the idol showcasing her visuals with a short pixie-like hairstyle. For the series Earth Arcade, the cast members were reenacting different iconic K-Drama characters.

Yujin was given the recognizable Go Eun Chan from the hit K-Drama Coffee Prince. In the show, actress Yoon Eun Hye plays Eun Chan, who is often mistaken for a boy with her short haircut, baggy clothes, and flat chest.

Go Eun Chan in “Coffee Prince”

During the episode, Yujin made her appearance and channeled the iconic character in her own way shouting “Boss” as she ran to the other stars.

Considering that it was the first time Yujin had her hair that short, even if it was a wig, it wasn’t surprising that the idol seemed shocked as she saw her own transformation happen.

Even seeing Lee Young Ji, who replicated Boys Over Flowers’ character Gu Jun Pyo (played by Lee Min Ho), Yujin couldn’t hide her feelings about the new look she was trying.

When the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the transformation and how beautiful the idol looked with short hair.

Yujin even posted a selfie of the look on Twitter, and the comments were full of netizens in awe of her handsome visuals.

Although it was a wig, Yujin undeniably looked amazing in the shortcut, and many fans wouldn’t complain if the idol chose to try it one day. Idols like TWICE’s Jeongyeon and EXID’s Hyerin have pulled off the looks flawlessly, and the IVE member could easily do the same.

Source: fullmoon channel


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