The Internet Goes Crazy Over IVE’s Ahn Yujin, Lee Do Hyun, And Son Heung Min In One Frame

A rare sight.

IVE’s Ahn Yujin recently joined soccer athlete Son Heung Min and actor Lee Do Hyun as a model for Hana Bank Financial Group. As part of their activities as ambassadors, they made an appearance at Hana Bank’s Travlog event on July 6, 2023.

The three posed for photos dressed in white and green.

Fans were thrilled as this was a rare sight! Where else would you be able to see a top singer, top athlete, and top actor in one frame?

The rare sight was highly raved about on social media. Fans thanked Hana Bank for creating this opportunity!

A photo with Ahn Yujin, Son Heung Min, and Lee Do Hyun together? Insanity… My heart is swelling.

— Nnytypeiz

Son Heung Min, Ahn Yujin, and Lee Do Hyun? Is this for real?

— Sonny7y

I so approve of the lineup for Hana Bank’s models. Ahn Yujin, Son Heung Min, and Lee Do Hyun. Am I really seeing them in one frame for real?

— Jipjungonspurs

The collision of worlds was a welcome sight for multi-stans for sure! The photos soon went viral on social media with over hundreds of thousands of views for photos from the event.

They also looked gorgeous in individual shots.

Fansites didn’t miss the chance to catch their favs in action.

This might be one of the last few times we get to see Lee Do Hyun in public until 2025, due to his military enlistment!