IZ*ONE Chaewon’s Past ASKfm Answer To This Question Stirs Debate

Do you think her answer was appropriate?

Girl group IZ*ONE member Chaewon‘s answer on a social platform has resurfaced the internet.

This question and answer that stirred controversy was through a social platform called ASKfm, where users can ask have anonymous users ask questions.

This platform was used by Chaewon pre-debut during her high school days.

On her profile, someone asked the question, “Do you like fat people” in which she replied with, “Who does?”

When asked what type of men she liked she answered with, “Someone who is not short.”

She received other questions including, “How do you like men to look?” in which she answered, “Handsome looking men.”

After the post was revealed online, some fans felt that she could have been a bit more thought before answering the questions.

Other fans argue that teenagers are usually like that at that age.

With the continuous debate over her answer, Chaewon has currently deleted her account.

Chaewon is currently busy promoting as IZ*ONE with their new Japan single, Vampire.


Source: sportsdonga