IZ*ONE’s Choi Yena Talks About Her Battle With Cancer During Childhood

“Even the hospital told us to give up.”

On a recent episode of IZ*ONE CHU, IZ*ONE’s Choi Yena revealed that she suffered from lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes, during her childhood.


Choi Yena appeared on the November 15th episode of IZ*ONE having a home-cooked meal with her family.


Not knowing that her mom had prepared a feast, Yena had brought with her a lunchbox as a means of expressing her gratitude towards her family.


Inside the lunchbox was some unimpressive-looking kimbap that she had made herself as well as some snacks as a side dish.


It turns out, there was a bigger story behind why she chose to make kimbap…


Back during her appearance on Produce 48, Choi Yena stated in an interview that the thing she wanted to do the most was sending her parents on a honeymoon.

“I want to send my parents on a honeymoon.”

ㅡ Choi Yena


She then explained that she suffered from lymphoma when she was a child and it was so severe that even the hospital had given up on her.

“When I was young, I suffered from a cancer called lymphoma. Even the hospital told us to give up.”

ㅡ Choi Yena


During this time, she confessed that her parents went out in the early morning each day to sell kimbap to pay her medical bills.

“Our family was having some difficulties and my parents went out every morning to sell kimbap to pay the medical bills.”

ㅡ Choi Yena


Touched by her thoughts, Choi Yena’s mother shed tears at the sight of her daughter’s handmade kimbap.


Moreover, after tasting his daughter’s kimbap, her father said that not only were his tastebuds touched, but so was his heart.

“Among all the kimbaps I’ve ever had in my life, this is the one that is touching to not only my mouth but to my heart too.”

Choi Yena’s Father


He also expressed that seeing Yena bright and healthy was already a big gift to them.

“Just seeing you grow up bright and healthy like this is a great gift in itself.”

ㅡ Choi Yena’s Father


Now, with the successful debut of IZ*ONE, here’s to an even brighter future for Choi Yena, her family and all of the IZ*ONE members!

Source: Newsen